Healthcare and Public Space Murals, Photography and Art - We design custom murals, creating engaging and enhanced environments for healthcare facilities and public spaces. Combining original on-site photography and art, children’s art, images from major institutions (MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, American Museum of Natural History, the Wildlife Conservation Society and others have been contributors), with narratives, quotes, colors and image fragments, the murals invite repeated exploration.

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"I passed your work every day as I walked through the corridors of Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital. I could only imagine how great it was for kids to see. Rather than the typical sterile walls and what might have been a very scary place, it was turned into an adventure."

-Jules Traugot, Former Director of Real Estate, New York Presbyterian Hospital

Tranforming Environments: We design site-specific award-winning visual and narrative murals and photographic installations. These immersive and engaging works, enhance the environment and user experience for any type of facility and/or public space.

Montefiore Medical Center: Combining realistic and abstract elements of the flora of the Bronx, we created a dramatic and peaceful backdrop for the new Hutch Metro Center campus lobby. The mural set, Bronx Flora, was fabricated on glass panels by Skyline Design, Chicago (9' x 100' total width). Also at Montefiore / Children's Hospital: Adolescent Lounge, Pediatric Radiology Exam and Waiting and a Water lily-themed 36' glass mural for the Wakefield Campus lobby.

Awards 2015:

* CODA Awards Top 100 Winner / Public Space Murals ( Bronx Flora )

* 45th Annual Creativity International Bronze Award / Print / Environmental Graphics ( Bronx Flora )