Healthcare and Public Space Murals, Photography and Art - We design custom murals, creating engaging and enhanced environments for healthcare facilities and public spaces. Combining original on-site photography and art, children’s art, images from major institutions (MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, American Museum of Natural History, the Wildlife Conservation Society and others have been contributors), with narratives, quotes, colors and image fragments, the murals invite repeated exploration.

Artist Profile

Pastel Journal (PDF)

Pastel Journal PDF

Original Photography / Installations & Prints, Logos and Miscellaneous Projects

Much of my mural work is based on original photography combined with other art, images and graphic elements. This area highlights some of that photography as stand alone / exhibtion art, along with environmental graphic design / mural installations in which photography plays a main role, as well as art prints that are photo-based. Also included here will be one-off projects from various clients including logo and promo/branding design.